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Saturday, December 31, 2011

See You In the End

  Well, it seems the year the whole world explodes is almost here. Just 12 hours and it will be a brand new year with opportunities and trials all its own.

  I have ended the year pretty well by killing a Nyx a week or two ago, getting married this week, and now in preparation for my son being born in the new year I think I'll put a skill in that will end when he is born. Recon V it is!

  2011 has been a great year for me in Eve. I've been in Adhocracy for over a year now and I am more and more deeply rooted in wormhole space than ever before. The corp has changed so much, even in the short time I've been a part of it and I'm proud to fly with my fellow Adhocrats.

  It's also a pretty big thing for me that I have kept writing here at PH for this long. I couldn't have done it without my readers, of course. Otherwise it's just plain obvious I'm a crazy man babbling to himself and we can't have that. So I hope the year has been good to you and that the next will be even better, both in and out of Eve.

  Here's to always striving for progression's horizon ;)

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