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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why I Hate Russians

  I should probably qualify that title by saying I hate Russians that play Eve. 

  It's a seems to be a pretty common feeling amongst the Eve Online community for one reason or another, but it is my repeated run-ins that have made me a bit...pessimistic. Every time I run into them in a hostile situation, they immediately run or SD everything they have to keep it from generating a KM.

  The only time I have ever had a decent fight with Russians was back in January of this year. In an operation codenamed Enchilada, we had an epic fight on a POS we erected to siege a Russian corp, but then they proceeded to SD as much as they could when they lost a lot of support and some caps to us. That's a whole story I'll leave for another post.

  I'm not quite sure what CCP was thinking when they decided it was a good idea to implement a self destruct mechanic that is available during combat. Not only that but, even with the ultimate destruction of a ship you have had a hand in beating to death, a successful self destruct does not generate a kill mail. I think that's my biggest gripe, the second being that I am denied the spoils that get destroyed thanks to the cowardice of my enemy.

  It's not as if this is a new issue nor one that would be hard to correct. A quick and simple change in the mechanic would be to simply disallow such an action if you have a combat timer. There is simply no reason a capital pilot should be given the choice to run into a combat situation, decide it's easier or better to SD the ship, and then do so before the opposing force can burn it down. 2 minutes flies by when you are trying to eat the tank of a carrier or dread, not to mention that of supercaps. Extending the timer would be just as easy or work just as well. Making the time 15 or 20 minutes for a capital size or larger means that they still have to work to get a successful SD, depending on what is killing them. It may even be prudent to extend the log off timer for this reason, making it so cap pilots can't simply log off and wait.

  This is a built up frustration that came to a head today, when we had capital targets. Our home chain extended out like a rat's nest, and in one hole we found around 5 or 6 caps...piloted and active. There were other caps floating around, but those piloted were gearing up for Sleeper site running. So we amassed our forces to jump them at a time of our choosing. This was the perfect opportunity to get my Vindi in on some hardcore action. I was hardly alone in the bling, since we fielded a couple Bhaals, a Mach and a ton of cruiser sized ships that we are accustomed to for fleets. We had logi, neuts and heavy dps ready to make this a glorious victory.

  We waited til the Sleepers were few, then sprang into action as our cloaky grabbed points on a dread and their Rapier. The Opfor at the time was a Rapier for painting and webs, a triage Archon, 2 Moros, and a Rev. Straight off we nailed the Rapier to keep from losing transversal and getting painted to all hell and got his pod. As it was, we nearly lost a Bhaal before our logi could save his hide. My client decided to die here, warping me out. The precious minutes it took to relog may have lost us the Archon kill, because we had everything point and began slamming the Archon with neuts. Then came the self destruct notifications. All of them, at once. The Archon came out of triage for some reason, only to go right back into it and proceed to slow our dps enough to keep any hope of burning the caps down quickly enough. Even with everyone overheating guns and draining every bit of cap we could, it wasn't enough.

  I had something of a small paddy when they each popped one after the other, denying any chance at phat lootz or grand KMs. Comms lit up with frustration and anger, to the effect of "fucking Ruskies".

  Not that CCP cares or will actually do anything about it for :18 months: but it's something of a sore point for me since it's rare we get great action and people just decide to flip us the bird with SDs. As a corp, we respect those who give us gudfites and even more so to those that bloody us up something fierce. Heck, even if people give us a good go and then pull back out of strategy rather than cowardice we are cool with it.

  So, as one bitter optimist, to you my dear reader I think I have a bit of a chip with Russians. Which seems quite perfect in timing because apparently everyone who is anyone in wspace is in a fight right now with Starbridge. Like, at this moment. We had a contact from Narwhals Ate My Duck asking if we wanted to join the party with AHARM, TALUN, LOST and others. It seems many have answered the call to unite long enough against the red invaders to beat the Ruskies out of wspace. They already took over nullsec, so we certainly can't have them thinking they own the true nullsec of wspace.

  I may be pulling some older material out for future posting or actually talking about the devblogs I've avoided til now because Mem's sub time is almost up and I don't have the ISK for a PLEX due to some recent losses and lack of time to get PvE in thanks to RL. Seems Eve is now mimicking RL :P

  May the road rise to meet you, wherever you are

PS. One of ours snapped on FRAPs after they SD'ed and put it up here. There should also be a longer version of the entire fight coming later.


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Contracts ;)

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