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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Peace of Sorts

  Mech let the soft murmur of his ship's systems wash over him as his mind wandered nowhere in particular, letting his body relax in his bridge chair.  It was peaceful and exactly what he had always wanted out of life. There was enough chaos and confusion in the 'verse and he was glad to stay away from it. Finally peace, after a life under the Amarr Empire, and Mech was determined to savor every moment of it.

  The life as a transport pilot was a good one. Honest, steady work was always available in New Eden. This was especially true, what with the fickle nature of capsuleers that never stayed in one place for long. The ponderous movements and spacious compartments of his Orca class industrial suited his personality, such a reverse from the combat ships he had been forced to crew before Mem had saved him from that servitude. It seemed a lifetime ago to him now.

  Mech's mind shied away from the dark ruminations and he let his fingers fidget over the panels in front of him. Mem had given him the life of the capsuleer, but he preferred life outside the pod and being able to interact with his crew and ship in the way in which he was accustomed. Perhaps that's why his crew had come to trust him as they would a friend, no matter where he directed their path. Which was all the simpler, since he had come into the unknown depths of wormhole space after much convincing on Mem's part. 

  While Mech was happy to simply float around peacefully, Mem had a penchant for wanting a bit more...zest out of life. Of course, you'd never get him to admit it since his history was a rather tame one and he took pride in the rise of station from a mining family to capsuleer pilot. Let him take the risks, Mech would make sure his assets made it wherever they needed to go. 

  Mech let his mind be captured once again by the pings and reports of the vessel. Savor every moment.

  Besides, it wouldn't be long til---

  "Incoming transmission." Aura intoned.

  "Put it through." He sighed. Not long indeed.

  Mem's smirking face lit up the display. Mech couldn't help but chuckle, a rarity from the large Brutor.

  "I know that look all too well. Where to now, boss?" 

  "Told you not to call me that. But since you asked, looks like it's time for some new scenery. But.." 

  "But it could be risky?"

  Mem gave a nod that ended in a short laugh when Mech replied.

  "Ain't it all when you're involved? I can be ready to depart in a few hours, just need a heading."

  "Sending them now. I'll comm back with a move list in an hour, but need to take care of a few things. Glad to have you along, Amosan. Fly safe." The comm link died and Mech turned his attention to the readings Mem sent over.

  Then the Brutor's eyebrows slowly raised.


 It's been a long time since I did any IC posts...a very long time. And it was for the good reason of my last attempt being pretty terrible.

  I decided to just keep away from RP for the most part and stick to the game. I do have rough backgrounds for Memoo and Mech and I tend to keep those in mind when I play each of them. It kind of explains their training as well. But I don't want to restrict myself to the game if I do write any fiction, so I've decided that if I do any further fiction that it may or may not even be relevant to my in game dealings.

  They might also be random, not at all chronological and could be completely boring. I hope not on that last one, but that's a danger of creative writing based around a character that only you really care much about. :P

  I also hope to get a few good posts done in the near future since lately school is giving me the ole' 1-2 and the posts I have rattling around in my head are far from a complete thought. I hate putting up incomplete posts.

  I am also still pondering the whole change in hosting/design for PH. I'll give you plenty of heads up if the change becomes reality, but I do hope that if it happens I get to keep all you loyal readers.

  Keep on rolling

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