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Friday, September 30, 2011

For Serious, Incarna Stuff

  Ok, so my last post was playing around and trollin' a bit, but this one is for cereal.

  It seems CCP is finally moving forward with Incarna features, albeit stuff that most people will ignore entirely. If you haven't gotten the SiSi client downloaded and installed, you may want to soon to get a preview of the upcoming cyno effect change, addition of other CQ types, and supposedly a new font.

  New Cyno Video

  New CQ types will be cool and should have been in the first iteration consider the time they now they better be even better. But that's superficial stuff. The font is what really intrigues me since the current one is such an abomination.

  Maybe it's because I do a lot of typography and my font collection is as big as my music collection, but this font is the worst thing possible. There's waaaay too many characters that look the same and it's hurts my eyes to read. I hear the new one's not that great, but I want to see it for myself.

  The cyno effect is a neat change, not that I'll see it much. The current one is pretty crappy, considering the original was so hardcore.

  And, drumroll please, SiSi is also showcasing the return of ship spinning! So, no more whining eh?

  Personally, I'm unimpressed. It's like when I do a design that gets torn to pieces and then redo it. The next week, my professors will make the comment that it's finally where it should have been in the first place. Just so with CCP, they waste resources and then waste more redoing something that should have been done correctly the first time considering the time and effort spent. And while we all know and expect that, I am not satisfied with simply saying "welp, :ccp:" and having to continue to wait on the proper execution. Not that there is much I can do and that I do end up having to simply say it, but still...

EDIT: Forgot to say Time Dilation is now on SiSi as well. I hear it's pretty cool.

  You heard it here first. Maybe.

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