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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Ups and Downs

  Today was an interesting day in Eve for me. It was a contrast in experiences, with regard to shooting other people in the face.

  It started when I had woken up and didn't have class for some time. Apparently, we had just scanned out a new static chain and had a few people poking around with probes of their own. So, instead of lumbering around in my Legion or Falcon as usual, I decided to ship into my Daredevil.

  Now this ship is one that has been around a long time for me, much longer than I originally anticipated when Kane Rizzel, whose blog now gives me a malware warning lulz, gave me the little monster. For a while, since I was still a young E Uni pilot and blogger, I feared losing it. It was a gift after all and I didn't want to lose it stupidly.

  Well I have repurposed it for wormhole hunting and lovingly named it Grim's Reaper, to be a fast tackle cov ops killer. I don't really use it at all, the only kill I think I've gotten in it was some miners. But today was to be different.

  Settling into the smaller vessel, I initiated warp to our static connection to do the wonderfully enrapturing activity of staring at a wormhole. Sometimes, even shooting it. Gotta make sure those things don't get away, man. I noticed I wasn't in fleet yet, so I decided to do so after accidentally locking the wormhole up. Bad timing on my part because my client chose to lock up.

  A Cheetah jumped in and decloaked. I could have sworn he jumped back out, but I think he just cloaked because he reappeared and tried to burn off the hole. That was a very stupid idea, since we had a Stiletto and Arazu with me. By this time, after a bit of muttered curses, I had the Cheetah locked and pointed, turning on my afterburner to hump his hull and light up my blasters. His fragile craft didn't last long.  Even more surprising, perhaps because I am not at all used to fast locking and fast moving, I nabbed his juicy pod and didn't really wait to extract the corpse.

  It was an amusing way to start the day and I was pretty excited to get the Reaper some action. But that was the extent of the goodness.

  Later, I signed on just as one of our scouts was calling that he was tackling a Rook that was a few holes away and one I didn't have bookmarks for in the first place. *cough*ccpdocorpbookmarks*cough*
  That pilot decided it was cool to come to our public and be a bit butthurt. I'm not really sure when people are going to realize that there are no fair fights and if you wander around solo in a wormhole without a cloak, you are asking to get ganked...anywho.

  The next disappointment came when we were picketing our static system since probes were moving around. I had gotten distracted with some work while I was sitting cloaked on a hole when a Thorax jumped and randomly warped off. He soon came back and our Stiletto was waiting, but he did some jumping. As I go to jump, my system thinks now is a perfect time to freeze my comms and crash Eve. What. The. Frell. (5 isk to whoever knows where that word is from)

  So there you have it. Wormhole space is a harsh mistress that will take as much as give, if not more. I should probably also start mentioning Bob in these posts somewhere. My corpies would say I'm some sort of heathen not to be proselytizing the wormhole god in all his power. Bob giveth and all that.

  So I sleep now, hoping for better blood tomorrow


Ardent Finder said...

Farscape. Your audience is people into sci-fi with spaceships. That wasn't going to take long. :)

Memoocan said...

Lol I didn't expect it to.