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Monday, August 13, 2012

Wormhole Etiquette

  I will warn you now, this post is a bit of a venting on an Eve pet peeve I've developed through living in wormholes for nearly 2 years now. If you don't care about anyone outside your corp or enjoy being a jerk, feel free to stop reading. And thanks to insomnia, it'll be a surprise if it's even coherent for the rest of you.

  My motivation for this post comes from yesterday after getting crashed out of my home system, something that pissed me off quite a bit. It is a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back kind of thing, but opens up a potential discussion for those that call themselves wormholers.

  Here's the skinny: A corpmate had been scouting around our scanned out wormhole chain to see if anyone was out and about. Most of the systems were dead, but farther down there seemed to be some sort of party between Bite Me Inc. and another corp. With a very good potential for combat or at least crashing the party in some way, we assembled a small fleet that was supported by a couple Guardians. Nothing to write home about, just a force that would be enough to smash something and leave.

  So we begin to make best speed through the chain toward the target system, with some new logons following us at their convenience. We had transited about 3 systems when someone typed into fleet that there was most likely an unscanned hole in our home's static with the corp QUL living in it. It was unconfirmed that there might be a cloaky HIC around as well, but instead of worrying about unconfirmed things we kept on to what we saw as a sure fight.

  Until someone called on comms that a hostile fleet landed on our static link. With an Archon. And a  Bhaalgorn and T3 support. WTF.

  They kinda missed us if they were looking for a fight. But of course they weren't and they proceeded to throw the Archon back and forth to kill our hole. For no reason. They must have watched us transit through, waited, and then done what they did to be complete dicks. That is the only reason I can find even after a day of thinking.

  If they had wanted a fight, they would have done this when they saw us in that system and crashed us in with them to slaughter us. We hadn't poked at them at all, so it wasn't retaliation for anything in the day's events.

  Pure, unmitigated dickish move.

  This was the second time in 3 days that one of our fleets has been crashed out of our home system shortly after leaving it by forces that obviously couldn't care less. It is actions like that which burn me into a short temper and make me want to table flip.

  I have no problem with crashing holes. It is one of the things that makes WHs awesome when you can be strategic in limiting opfor abilities or becoming all the more reclusive. We have fought QUL before and every. single. time they will crash the hole behind us and proceed to stalemate or force us to retreat with capitals and marauders. It's smart in many ways, but crap like what they did here had no strategic value. It only served to screw us out of going home and there was no way we were going to be dumb enough to engage a force that could shut us down and pick us apart just because they were there.

  Oh and that target system we were going to before it all? We decided to go back to that original idea....until we found out that had crashed too. /facepalm

  So without much other choice, we headed out into kspace and I ended up logging in Jita. Btw, you know you've been in wormholes way too long when you get to Jita and rightclick, only to have a small panic attack wondering why you don't have a BM to the station. xD

  Anyways, my whole point with this post is to say: Don't be a dick. If you're going to close a hole, do it to force a fight or even out odds or to get a better chain to explore. I have no patience for people who do it just to inconvenience others without provocation. It's also a bad idea because if you piss off ADHC one too many may find we come a knockin' months later. Just sayin'.

  Perhaps I'll make this a running thing Wormhole Etiquette, aka what pisses Memoo off.



Anonymous said...

Lol wormhole tears. Its part of the game, HTFU or ship back high and stop embarrassing other wormhole dwellers with your whining

Memoocan said...

Afraid to post with a name?

STFU or feel free to take my blog off your reading list.

Ardent Finder said...

A request for combat is not tears.
We WANT to fight QUL. They had a superior force. All Memoo and the rest of us want is, if you want to crash us in, do us the favor of bringing it.
I'd rather go out in a blaze and wake up in K-space then have to trudge out and back. I play to kill and be killed, not be a traveling man. *begin Bob Seeger song here*

Yummy Tears said...

A) QUL are terrible. They form these fleets but they'll only ever fight you on a wormhole they can crash out behind them if things look a bit hairy.

B) It would be nice if people tried doing more actual fighting and less crappy things like bringing overwhelming ECM to every fight, or warping in multiple dreads to what could be a nice fun slugfest.