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Saturday, August 4, 2012

CSM7's Latest Minutes

  I don't usually post about the CSM minutes because, well, it takes so friggin' long to read them. I'm lazy, you see.

  But a thread has popped up in our corp discussing the latest round of minutes and a few things got my ears pricked up that could affect many things in Eve and wormholes specifically.

  Now, much of what goes on in the minutes is just proposals and conjecture. It's not set in stone and most of it doesn't go beyond these discussions. This edition seems to be focused a lot more on proposals of new ideas and less about working on what is already there. And of course, there's plenty of "When does nullsec get love instead of FW." Oi..

  A New POS Functionality
  The first thing that really pops out is the discussion about POSes. There's quite a bit on it and some of it is rather surprising.

"Seleene said, "I want to cloak my secret pirate starbase." Greyscale said that might be a possibility, then shocked the entire room by mentioning offhand, "I really, really, really want to let you put a jump drive on them." The whole room erupted into smiles. He then continued, "Not just right click cyno jump, but you put a beacon down and it takes something like 48 hours before you jump." He wanted to do this to allow small gangs to have a roaming base." (emphasis mine)

Uhhh...what? I mean, it sounds neat and all but I think that's just a little on the weird side unless they really developed the idea properly. But that's hardly the most interesting bit.

  The thing that really has me worried, if this idea gains any traction, is the idea of turning POSes into  what is essentially a small station, no forcefield, ships will dock there and oh yes...they want to allow players to anchor them anywhere. Anywhere. Want more than one POS on grid? Why not! Want to anchor one at an extreme deep safe, 40 AU away from anything? Go for it! And don't forget the aggression timers and station games that would result from this.

"UAxDEATH asked about if POSes would be restricted to one per moon, and CCP Greyscale said that they wanted to allow them to be anchored just about anywhere. He would have an exclusion zone around gates and stations, but would allow them anywhere else. Two step asked if there would be a one starbase per grid limit, and CCP said no. They want to allow people to build little "cities" of starbases. Greyscale said, "I want to make a major industrial outpost in nullsec a little constellation of small structures and ships flying between them. This makes CCP Ytterbium unhappy because they would be untidy." (emphasis mine)

Double face palm-tastic

  I must be the only one who is already tired of the siege put into taking down a system of POSes. Endless siege would result from something like this and could screw wspace up royally. Corps would erect 10 POSes on grid and make 8 of them into death-stars. It wouldn't matter if you brought a cap-blob or not, they would melt.

  Not to mention, scouting in wormholes depends on what you can see and determine through what you find. You have no local so how will you ever know if players are gearing up to defend their system against you, if they are afk, or simply aren't there at all? 

  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, can we just fix the crack in it? ie. Roles management.

  I could go on, but I don't want to belabor the point.

  Conflict Drivers

"Seleene added to this that personal animosity is the best conflict driver in EVE, not resources or space. Currently things are like a bunch of fat people fighting over how gets to eat first at the ‘all you can eat’ buffet, no one will starve, it is just the question of who is first in the line. [...] It could be said that people are perhaps ‘too’ comfortable at present and even though resources (such a moon materials) are tempting, they are not tempting enough to ignite a war."

  Despite the fact that Seleene has been decidedly absent after being elected, I have to agree with him on this. In the minutes, he is the one primarily asking if nullsec has to wait 18 months to get seen to even though CCP is busy with FW. But no matter what changes has been made or incentives added to fight over territory, it never lasts for long. The large entities smash through and control the majority of a resource and then things calm down. When everyone has access to plenty of ISK...why fight? Drama is what will really get wars going. People also need to remember that summer will always be slow. Wait til Winter when the wars kick back on.

  There's a host of other things in the minutes like DUST and New Player Experience, but those are the things that interested me for now.

  If you make it through the minutes then you are a real trooper. I don't think I have the patience since it is more painful than reading EO forums.

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