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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog Tidy Up

  I know most of you probably read my posts through an RSS feed, so this doesn't affect you much. But if you ever get the hankering to visit my site through a browser you may notice I've changed things up a little bit thanks to a bout of insomnia.

  I don't know if it was mainly ignorance, laziness, Blogger changed or what but I had a lot of unnecessary stuff around here.

  So I nixed my old page of blogs and now have a shiny feed on the right hand side. I pruned some that were dead links or hadn't posted in ages. Any that haven't but are still on the list have a special place and it means I WANT YOU TO POST AGAIN GUIZE!

  I've also added a twitter feed on the left so you can stalk me even more if you want. The title is finally centered...omg that thing bugged me to no end ever since I started this so I finally edited the HTML myself since blogger has no option for it otherwise. Kinda changed the font too, but nothing is as I want it until I break down and just design a whole new site.

  Headings were changed to be a little more creative, colors were played with, and overall width was increased because my goodness it was cramped before. What was I on for two years? I also have a new background that I'll implement shortly because my current one is boring and has been there for far too long.

  In other news, the Wormhole Fundamental video series that I've been helping voice is still chugging along. There's a handy link to it permanently on the right there, if you ever forget the URL. We are up to 10 episodes or so now and still have topics to be done. If you have any suggestions for something you want to see done there, feel free to leave a comment here, on the youtube videos, on my twitter or in-game. We will only be fielding topics that are unique to wormholes so leave your capital-ship-building questions at the door.

 In game, I have actually been able to get play time in more than usual lately. Thankfully, I have been able to keep my account active thanks to awesome corpmates and the power of PLEX. So my skill training has at least not faltered too much, allowing me to now effectively fly a Moros class Dreadnought. Pretty spiffy if you ask me, especially considering I used to think I would never ever fly a cap ship. I also grabbed T2 cruisers and battlecruisers for all races which makes small gang work so much more fun. Now I'll be working on perfecting some Int/Mem skills that have been waiting and maybe even drones. Sad that a Gallente drone user doesn't even have T2 sentries or heavies. Whatevs.

  This recent spurt of playing and being able to blog again is refreshing to me. I've missed it and for a while I was burnt out on Eve and anything related. Hopefully this will last but I do have RL to attend to much more now since I have my first job out of college and my son just keeps growing up.

  I guess you could say I just prefer to see it all as..*puts on sunglasses* progression's horizon.


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