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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

  Here in the US, we are getting ready to eat inordinate amounts of food and then promptly pass out in the company of people we usually barely tolerate in the spirit of Native Americans not letting us die back in the days of yore.

  It seems that CCP is getting into the holiday spirit too, with their recent excursions to meddle in capsuleer affairs. They are out for fun and explosions, a sentiment I can certainly share and respect. But sadly it is one that I cannot get in on more than likely since my break is being consumed by crazy schedules, catching up on sleep/trying to destress and sorting out things due to a big life changer.

  I've been absent from writing because it has to take a back seat for a little while. I can't write anything of quality when I'm too stressed out or working on other things and don't want to put out crap just to have something recent on my page. That's not fair to my readers nor to myself, so I will write when I can and am inspired.

  My absence is due to a baby. My baby boy, who will be born in the next few months. It's insane to think about still, but there it is. So trying to figure out life with a new little one for which I am responsible, still trying to finish the last bit of college, trying to find any job at all, and not going insane is taking up my time. I hope you can understand.

  My computer charger also melted recently and I finally got a replacement. Missed out on a lot of spaceship fun but got in on a shiny, shiny Archon last night.

  Hope you and yours are enjoying the season and hopefully I'll be back with some good posts soon.

Cheers o/

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