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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Times Change

  Things change as time plods on and so I decided to keep with last post's theme of things that are shifting. Well this is more like a straight change. Session change to be exact!

  CCP vowed to make session change timers shorter and so they have. The newest round of trimming has gotten it down to 10 seconds. Now that may not sound like a big deal since most of you only see it in stations and the like. But in wspace, this could mean escaping and not. When you jump through a wormhole, the other side doesn't hear that activation until you've already loaded grid. Having such a short timer now means you don't even have to give them a chance to collect their thoughts as you wait out your cloak, you can just decloak and jump back immediately.

  It also means I don't want to see wormhole dwellers littering their POSes with ships. First of all, that's just lazy. I know it was a hassle before if you had ships just floating that you had to wait forever and a day to get out, get in, store, get out, get in, etc. Now you really don't have that excuse, so tidy up!

  It also gives bombers less of a chance to get a kill if their enemy is on a hole storing their ship in a carrier or the like, vulnerable as a kitten in front of an angry bulldog.

  Times change and we adapt. Or we die for not adapting. Your choice.

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