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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deadline Death

  *tap tap* Anyone still there?

   I live! I do apologize for the lack of content the last few weeks. My son was born a week and a half early, I am in the last leg of my senior year with a thesis project that decides if I get my degree and playing Eve has taken a hit as a result. While I still log in when I can, not much has been happening. I have trained up Recon V with some other useful skills, shot some people but missed the shinies, lost my ECM Tengu after a very long run of awesome ewar, and forum warrior-ed a good bit.

  I have gotten used to the new neocom and flown most of the new stuff now so I will be able to give an opinion on that now. There is also some great stuff in the works, things that will make for stories full of lulz.

  I am also trying to get this sorted for a new podcast. We have recorded the pilot, of which I still need to edit, get hosted, etc. So if you missed my sultry tones, fear not for there shall be more! Hopefully podfade doesn't strike again.



Loki said...

Congratulations on the birth of your boy - welcome to the world, little man, it's a beautiful place!

Been checking here from time to time, to see what hijinks ADHC have been getting up to; figured you had a bit on your AFK plate though...

Better get used to sleepless nights and being a zombie in the day - and amazement as his unique personality starts to form and how clever he is at figuring out the world!

l said...

Also, Skulls for the Skull Throne!!

Chem said...

Woot, grats Memoo and to your wifey as well! Best wishes and future for your boy. I'll be back around soon, I promise! Good luck!

Memoocan said...

Thanks guys :D I'll have to get a toon trained up for him lol He amazes me more and more all the time, but sadly I have to do it from afar until Im done with school. I could oogle on about him but people tend to be less interested in kids that arent theirs xD

Hope to see you guys in space, always better when you are :) There will definitely be some good posts coming up.