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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Real Money Trade

  The title sounds like an RMT discussion, but it's actually about the deal that CCP is initiating with their PLEX for Nvidia cards. For the low, low price of 20 PLEX you can get a GeForce 560 card as if you had bought it with real money. That's pretty sweet and this is one of those times that I kind of wish I was in a full out carebear wspace corp that had more money than sense.

  At current PLEX rates in this inflated economy, that would require 10 billion ISK. For a good station trader or industrialist may have no problem, but otherwise I see that scratch coming only from older players. Either way, the supply is sitting at 100 cards for the first supply. So unless you throw ISK at it quickly, they will probably be gone in hours.

  It is this kind of economy manipulation in terms of PLEX and the cool programs of exchange that CCP implements that restores my faith in them. Other games may have a drawing or you may have to jump through other hoops for lesser prizes, but in Eve you can be rewarded for being a keen market speculator, an industrious manufacturer or simply a dedicated mission runner. And I've mentioned before that I appreciate the PLEX even more since it is the only way I can actually play Eve month after month. Very cool.

  Spend those spacebucks!

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